Monday, November 30, 2009

Some exciting news!

I got featured on another blog this week! So exciting! Please go check it out HERE and give the blog some love. 

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is already over and tomorrow will be the first day of DECEMBER! Only 25 more shopping days till Christmas, and that includes today, which is almost over! I need to get moving in that department...Are any of you already done with your christmas shopping? I'm sure there are some of you out there that are, but I know i'm definitely lagging in that department.
For those of you like me, who haven't even started there Christmas shopping, come by and check out my store because it's full of SALE items! I'm going to mark down even more items in the coming hours and days, so go check it out because it won't last for long! Also, people who live in the San Luis Obispo area, I would be happy to take away shipping charges if you'd like to pick up your earrings from my parents flower shop. That will save you even more money! 
I hope you're all having a Happy Monday so far...1 down and 4 more days to go until the blessed weekend!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


As most of you can tell from previous posts, my parents own a flower shop here in beautiful San Luis Obispo. They have owned ALBERT'S FLORIST for almost 30 years now and recently moved from Morro steet to Monterey steet just a couple blocks away from our historic Fremont Theater. To celebrate almost 60 years in San Luis Obispo, we have decided to have a HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE! This open house will be a fundraiser to benefit the SLO FOOD BANK OF SAN LUIS OBISPO. It will be a time of fun, FREE food and hot drinks, giveaways and great holiday gift ideas and decor!

I'd like to make this blog post a personal invitation to anyone who lives here in SLO to come and join us tomorrow night, FRIDAY, NOV. 20, 2009 from 5-9pm. We are located at 1357 Monterey St. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions at or call Albert's Florist at (805) 543-0567. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Sale on select items in my shop this weekend! Go check it out! $10 Earrings! Get some Christmas shopping done!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

And today's SPECIAL is...

Just decided to have a SPECIAL in my shop today!

FREE SHIPPING today (Oct 31) to anyone who buys a pair of earrings before 12AM pacific time!! -check out my shop and take advantage of this limited time offer!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Beautiful, Shiny....Rubies!

For about the last two months I've been displaying and selling my earrings at my parent's flower shop and my aunt and grandma's tailor shop. I haven't had much luck with sales at the flower shop, but I've actually made about 8 sales at the tailor shop! On top of making these sales I have been recruitd by a couple costumers to fix their broken jewelry. They see my "earrings for sale" sign and ask my aunt if  I'd be willing to fix their beloved jewelry that they're just not quite ready to part with. I fixed one necklace that had a broken chain in august sometime, and am currently working on fixing a beautiful RUBY necklace! The lady asked if I could add some opalescent crystals to it. So far, it looks gorgeous, but is not quite long enough yet because I'm thinking she lost some of the precious rubies when the necklace broke...sad. It's been so exciting to work with these rubies though because I have never and probably will never be able to work with such beautiful and expensive stones again! These pictures don't do the necklace justice, but I thought i'd share them anyways. If you live in SLO and have any jewelry you need fixed shoot me an e-mail ( with your jewelry crisis and i'd be happy to see if i can fix it!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I got featured on a blog! So exciting! Go and check it out HERE! I'm also part of a giveaway on this blog, so go and donate to March of Dimes and get a chance to win a whole bunch of prizes including a pair of my earrings! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Etsy Banner!

I've recently been trying to revamp my little etsy shop. I haven't ever really had a banner for my store and since its been open since July I figure it's about time to get something up there! The problem is that in order to have a banner you need to be good with computers...and I'm far from good. At first I wanted to buy one (and I still might), however, I read in an etsy forum that you can make banners on PowerPoint! So I tried it and it worked! It doesn't look that great, but it's a banner and I was proud that I was able to make one at all. In fact, I got so excited about it that I decided to make one for my sister's shop. I'm getting more computer savvy with every passing day : )
In other news, my little jewelry making table is currently out of order because it looks like this:

Time to clean up I think, maybe i'll get inspired while i'm tidying up!

Friday, October 2, 2009

It's starting to feel a lot like FALL!

I can't believe it is already October...the year is just flashing by! However, Fall is one of my favorite times of the year with all its luscious red and orange colors, pumkins, apple cider, the smell of cinnamon in the air.  Its just all so wonderful. We started decorating for fall at the flower shop yesterday and it was so much fun to bring out the baby pumkins and all the arrangements have been so gorgeous parents always make amazing arrangements, but there is just something so different and lovely about fall arrangements. The colors are just so rich and alluring!
Aren't these just stunning? The lilies on the right are some of my favorites...They are locally grown at Cal Poly and are called "blackout"...just gorgeous.

In other news, I recently sold two pairs of earrings...both bronze and brown. People are starting to think about their Fall outfits no doubt : )

I won't be able to remake the ones on the left for a while because I don't have all the ingredients to do so, however, I just got done making the ones on the right.  I love them, but they're so time consuming to make! I also got to make another new pair today and they'll make their big debut here because I haven't posted them on etsy yet. 
                                                         like 'em?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Earrings and Flower Shops

Freshwater coin pearls are encircled by a silver metal hoop and are pictured on these beautiful pink hydrangias.

I can't wait for someone to own these.  I love them! Green CZ teardrop bead hang from bronze vintage flower pendants.
Some great earrings for a bride, so elegant and shiny! Swarovski crystals and luscious freshwater pearls hanging from sterling silver ear wires. I took a lot of pictures of these earrings, but these two pictures really stood out to me. I love the contrast of the red ginger with the white pearls and the daintiness of the earrings with the bulkiness of the ginger. So fun!

These are some of the pieces that I made last weekend.  Usually I just take pictures of my jewelry around the house or in my backyard, but this time I decided to go to my parents flower shop to take pictures! I had so much fun finding creative places to take these pictures. I might be biased, but I think they turned out pretty great : )

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My hope for this blog...

When I was at Biola my dear roommate taught me how to make jewelry and shortly after that we started our own little business selling jewelry out of our dorm room.  It was such a great exerience and so exciting to see our friends wearing our original pieces around school! However, after we graduated we lost our venue.  It was shortly after that that I decided to sell my jewelry on etsy.  For those of you who don't know, etsy is a place where people buy and sell all things handmade. It's a great place and if you have not ever visited you should definitely check it out.   I've had so much fun with this so far and hope to make this blog an extension of my little shop. Hopefully a place where I can share more pictures of my jewelry and give some background on my pieces as well as keep you all updated on my life. Be sure to check out and my shop at

So I've decided to start blogging!

We'll see how this goes : )