Friday, October 16, 2009

Beautiful, Shiny....Rubies!

For about the last two months I've been displaying and selling my earrings at my parent's flower shop and my aunt and grandma's tailor shop. I haven't had much luck with sales at the flower shop, but I've actually made about 8 sales at the tailor shop! On top of making these sales I have been recruitd by a couple costumers to fix their broken jewelry. They see my "earrings for sale" sign and ask my aunt if  I'd be willing to fix their beloved jewelry that they're just not quite ready to part with. I fixed one necklace that had a broken chain in august sometime, and am currently working on fixing a beautiful RUBY necklace! The lady asked if I could add some opalescent crystals to it. So far, it looks gorgeous, but is not quite long enough yet because I'm thinking she lost some of the precious rubies when the necklace broke...sad. It's been so exciting to work with these rubies though because I have never and probably will never be able to work with such beautiful and expensive stones again! These pictures don't do the necklace justice, but I thought i'd share them anyways. If you live in SLO and have any jewelry you need fixed shoot me an e-mail ( with your jewelry crisis and i'd be happy to see if i can fix it!


  1. Wow, Careen. You've really built yourself a business, huh? Well, I decided when I finally get a job, I'll have a little fun money to spend finally and I really want to support you. You have some nice earrings. And that ruby necklace looks so cool with the crystals added. Nice work.

  2. Aww, thanks Robbin. That is super sweet of you. I'm TRYING to build a business, we'll see if it goes anywhere. If it does, I would be more than thrilled, but if not i'm still having a lot of fun trying! Hope you and Dan are doing well. I miss you guys and think of you often. Say hi to Faja (Father) Mote for me (Do you remember when we called him that while we were at DCLA?) AWW, happy memories...I miss you both!